Arken Legal Survey Reveals that Only 23% of Estate Planners Have Relationships with Beneficiaries, Despite Looming Inheritance Windfalls

Arken Legal’s latest survey, titled “Are Today’s Processes Fit for Tomorrow’s Clients,” has found that a gap exists between professional estate planners and the beneficiaries who are set to inherit substantial sums of money. According graphic

Trusts are a complex area of the law and professional advisors, like yourselves, often spend hours researching, checking, and updating clauses and tax treatments. It’s another level of administration, on top of re-keying in data graphic

Arken Legal, part of the Arken Group of companies, has launched a ground-breaking new platform that digitises the estate planning solicitor’s client interactions. The Arken Instruction Hub represents a leap forward in client engagement, instruction graphic

In this blog we explore what our friends in the estate planning space do to generate new business for their department. We’ve crafted 18 carefully thought-out questions that are designed to uncover common marketing strategies

What is Estate Planning Software? Estate planning software is highly specialised software that is used by Private Client Solicitors and professional Will Writers to automate the administration involved in preparing Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney graphic

Marketing plays a crucial role in the success of any business, including estate planning companies. Effective marketing strategies can help you raise awareness about your services, attract potential clients, and establish your brand as a graphic

In today’s digital age, social media has become an essential tool for businesses to connect with their target audience and enhance their brand awareness. For estate planning companies, using social media platforms effectively can help graphic

On 15th March, some of the team were lucky enough to have an in-depth conversation with David Mort, Director of the famous IRN Research Reports. We discussed the findings from his two latest reports:

Private Client Solicitors are experiencing high demand right now, many have a client backlog for months! It’s not a terrible problem to have, business is good, but it can lead to some clients feeling like

Legal expertise has been the backbone of Arken’s software since 1992, shaping product development and maintaining our professional standards. Our Legal Advisory Board, made up of highly experienced legal professionals, ensures our software upholds legal

Wow, what an amazing start to our new Interview Series, our thanks to Jade Gani for taking part. We’d recommend you have a listen and forward this on to your colleagues (especially junior colleagues) as graphic

We’re delighted to announce the launch of five new Trusts in our Inter Vivos Trust drafting tool, Arken Lifetime. Users will be able to draft: Interest in Possession Trust (General) Flexible Life Interest Trust Discretionary graphic

The UKs population is ageing and demand for Powers of Attorney and other guardianship advice is on the rise, as well as the demand for Will writing services. Research suggests that demand has grown by graphic

The number of Wills being contested is on the rise. More people are questioning the validity or execution of their loved ones last wishes… and it’s a Solicitors absolute worst nightmare. It can damage reputations graphic

We recently wrote a white paper about The Great Wealth Transfer and the impact this will have on the estate planning industry. We noted that competition from digital players will become more prevalent, the next

arken legal graphic

Our Risk Exposure Quiz has produced some interesting results so far. The market is changing, contentious probate claims and cyber-attacks are on the rise. So, amid the challenges, we decided to run a short quiz graphic

The UKs population is ageing and demand for Powers of Attorney and other guardianship advice is on the rise, as well as the demand for Will writing services. Research suggests that demand has grown by

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As an estate planning professional, it’s important to know what’s happening in your market right now and the predictions for the future. 15th March 10:00AM Join us as we talk with David Mort, author and

Will writing software is designed to support the estate planning professional in drafting documentation. It cuts out admin, precedent research, data re-keying and more. Lightening the administrative load. But importantly, it also helps protect the

ChatGPT is a new chatbot, built by Open AI. It was launched in November 2022 and it’s become very popular in a short amount of time. Users can ask it all sorts of questions and