How Will writing software helps you mitigate risk

Will writing software is designed to support the estate planning professional in drafting documentation. It cuts out admin, precedent research, data re-keying and more. Lightening the administrative load.

But importantly, it also helps protect the drafter and their reputation. Contentious probate claims are on the rise, almost doubling in recent years. The supportive, in-built features that Will writing software provides offers the modern estate planning professional better peace of mind and greater protection. It has built in features that work as reminders, flags and records of key information or areas to review. Helping reduce the opportunity for human error.

There are a multitude of ways in which Will writing software helps to protect drafters. We’ve listed some of them below:


Writing out bespoke commentary and clauses makes it more likely you’ll miss something important. It can also make it harder for colleagues to review work, which slows down the drafting process and increases costs. Monitoring your own precedents takes time and research, it’s easy to miss important changes. Will writing software provides a central bank of precedents, that are monitored and updated, it also automates the population of clauses and commentary, reducing an organisations exposure to risk.


Will writing software helps organisations implement a set of processes that are easily monitored across the business and ensures consistency across branding and wording. It also helps encourage best practise processes too, such as keeping in-depth notes from client interviews and carrying out mental capacity assessments for each client. Users can also make notes and edited areas (where bespoke wording is added) are flagged to help the review process.

Data & Records

Constantly re-keying in data exposes organisations to the risk of human error, such as spelling mistakes and typos. Software solutions minimise the need to re-key. Documents that are automatically stored in the Cloud or off-site also supports business continuity plans. Documents can be locked to support version controls and audit histories, with timestamps, can be logged for future reference if required.


Will writing software can help train junior members of staff, mandatory fields and prompts support them as they draft too. There is an expectation, especially for the younger generations, that digital tools will be in place to help them with day-to-day tasks.

Digital Security

Digital tools often come with extra security features, such as multi-factor authentication. Cloud providers take extra steps to ensure data is kept safe by following industry leading security instructions and often have failover measures in place. Ensuring your data is always kept secure and is always backed up.


Planning for future clients, their needs and desires, helps protect the long-term viability of any firm. Using tools that can integrate and offer digital ways of engaging can help future-proof your organisation.

​For more information about how Will writing software can help protect your organisation, reach out to us today.


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