How Can the new Government Ease Probate Grief?

With 61% of bereaved people struggling with death administration (according to the UK Commission on Bereavement), what will the new Government do to help? Are they going to provide more support for the thousands of bereaved families struggling to navigate inheritance tax, an ailing probate system and often a significant loss of income?  For those […]

Why Its Risky To Extend Home Insurance In Probate

If you are an executor or probate professional, I know you have a lot to do and think about.  Extending the existing insurance arranged by the deceased may seem like the best and easiest option when protecting property.  However, it could have disastrous financial consequences for executors or administrators (if there is no Will). Arranging […]

How Insuristic Makes Short Term Empty House Insurance Easy

Finding the right policy for your needs can be a minefield if you need to arrange short term empty house insurance.  If the property was previously occupied and insured, you might find your existing insurer unhelpful. They might want to cancel your policy or do one or more of the following: add restrictive conditions, increase […]

The importance of international bankruptcy searches in the estate administration process.

Undertaking an overseas bankruptcy search on beneficiaries resident overseas is the best way for personal representatives and legal professionals to mitigate the risk of claims being made against them. A bankruptcy search is essential to ensure estate funds are lawfully distributed. Failing to perform these searches can lead to personal liability for maladministration, including wrongful […]

How Estatesearch Supports JMW to Provide Excellent Client Care

JMW is an award-winning full-service law firm established over 45 years ago with offices in Manchester, Liverpool and London.  JMW’s team is renowned for expertise in achieving positive outcomes for our clients, both businesses and individuals. Lucy Cresswell, Solicitor, JMW explains: “Building client relationships and providing an excellent JMW experience is at the heart of […]

Unoccupied Property Insurance for Probate

If you/your firm are acting as executor or administrator for a deceased client’s estate, you will be aware that unoccupied property insurance will be needed if the property is to be left unoccupied as normal home insurance may be invalid. This specialised cover is designed to meet the unique requirements of estates in probate, ensuring […]

Enhancing Security Through Regular Software Updates

In today’s digital landscape, cybersecurity is a paramount concern for law firms. The sensitive nature of legal work demands robust security measures to protect client information and maintain professional integrity. One of the most effective ways to enhance security is by ensuring your legal practice management software is kept up-to-date. Guard Against Emerging Threats Hackers […]

Short-Term Unoccupied Home Insurance: What You Need to Know

Insuring a home when it is occupied regularly is pretty straightforward. There is plenty of choice of insurance providers online or via your insurance broker. But what happens when your home or another property is empty for a while? Standard home insurance policies in the UK typically only cover unoccupied properties for up to 30 […]

Why Its Difficult To Compare Unoccupied Home Insurance

You might think it is easy to compare Unoccupied Home Insurance, but unfortunately, often it isn’t. The insurance market considers empty property insurance as ‘non-standard home insurance’ because of the higher risk of claims empty property poses. Not every insurer wants to cover this; where they do, there isn’t a consistent policy and cover structure. […]

Protecting the Interests of Vulnerable People in Court of Protection Cases

As a law firm, primarily we are here to help and so we are all genuinely approachable and aim to take the pain away from difficult situations. Under the Mental Capacity Act 2005, The Court of Protection acts in the best interests of individuals to safeguard those with mental incapacity.  This may relate to financial […]

How Joined Up Thinking Can Enhance Quality of Care

As a legal technology company for private client practitioners working on bereavement and loss of mental capacity matters, Estatesearch works with law firms to support a best practice approach, particularly for legal teams representing consumers who are considered to be vulnerable.  As one of the founders of the Vulnerable Banking Group, we are dedicated to […]

Protecting Vulnerable Elderly People from Scams and Fraud

As a legal technology company for private client practitioners working on bereavement and loss of mental capacity cases, and one of the founders of the Vulnerable Banking Group, Estatesearch’s technology and expertise supports legal firms in putting policies and procedures in place that protect the best interests of clients, particularly those that are considered vulnerable.  […]

What Is the Unclaimed Estates List?

When an individual passes away, anything that they leave behind is generally referred to as their estate. This can include everything from personal belongings and assets – including digital assets – to property and money that the individual owned at the time of their death. In England and Wales, usually the estate will be passed […]

The Importance of Good Customer Service in Legal Tech


In the world of legal technology, providing exceptional customer service is paramount. Law firms depend on their software providers not only for cutting-edge solutions but also for unwavering support to ensure these tools are utilised to their fullest potential. At SOS, the Client Success Consultants (CSCs) play a critical role in achieving this objective. In […]

Grant on Credit

By Lee Rossiter, Operations Director at Kings Court Trust This year’s Spring Budget (6March 2024), included changes to the current probate process. From 1 April 2024, Personal Representatives (PRs) (i.e. Executors and Administrators) now have the option to apply to HMRC for a “Grant on credit” if they are unable to pay the tax due on submission of the IHT400. So, what does […]

Are US assets held on UK estates on the rise?

By Anthony Allsopp, Head of Business at Title Research Title Research has been dealing with US assets held in UK estate for nearly 20 years and assisting Personal Representatives to navigate their various challenges, and they’ve noticed an increasing trend in this area. It is quite common knowledge that Cadbury was bought by Kraft many […]