Inheritance expert answers the most searched for questions about IHT 

Heather Pollard, Head of Underwriting at Tower Street Finance offers answers to some of the most common questions people have about inheritance tax. More and more people are turning to Google for information on “Inheritance

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His Majesty’s Revenue and Customs office has clarified its position on how and when it will be prepared to offer a grant of probate on credit where inheritance tax is due to be paid, and

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Heather Pollard, Head of Underwriting at Tower Street Finance explains the issues that can arise when receiving a shared inheritance, as well as how to navigate them. When dealing with bereavement, disagreements with surviving family

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Harrogate-based financial solutions provider, Tower Street Finance, is pleased to announce the appointment of Dan Baines as its new Chief Commercial Officer. Dan’s role will see him spearheading the business’s growth in the fast-growing probate

New research has revealed over half (58%) of adults in the UK are expecting to inherit at least one residential property in their lifetime, though rising costs are driving an increased number to take out

Pollen Street Capital are pleased to announce a new senior secured credit facility with Tower Street Finance, the market leader in UK Probate Lending.

Pollen Street Capital are pleased to announce a new senior secured credit facility with Tower Street Finance, the market leader in UK Probate Lending. Founded in 2019, Tower Street Finance is a regulated provider of

Inheritance Tax freezes until 2028

Following the recent Autumn Statement announcement that the Inheritance Tax threshold will be frozen until 2028, we look at whether this is positive or negative for the average person. Whilst not a headline tax increase,

abolish Inheritance Tax

Inheritance tax (IHT) is possibly one of the most talked about taxes (after Income Tax) in the UK. For some, it is the most unpopular tax; for others, it is the most justifiable tax. Here

Rising living costs are not only impacting the quality of life experienced by millions of people at the moment, but new research has revealed that they’re also set to significantly impact the financial legacy that

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Unless you have been out of the country for some time, you’re probably aware of the growing issue around the cost of living. The increased cost of living is creating real hardship for many and,

cryptocurrency on IHT

Cryptocurrency has created many new considerations and challenges for the financial world, and it seems to be continuing to shake things up as HMRC now consider cryptocurrencies to be an IHT liability. So what is

families affected by Inheritance Tax

During this unprecedented time of financial challenges, increasing inflation is causing real issues with families across the UK. Experts predict that inflation will reach a 40-year high which is contributing to the continued increase in


There are a host of areas and products that you can invest in these days, but property continues to be a major draw for many. The recently published English Private Landlord Survey 2021 explored the


Is there any such thing as a typical household these days? A whole host of living arrangements have become common across the UK, from married couples buying homes to friends sharing flats. Some adult children

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A leading law firm reported on a recent case and found that Inheritance Act claims rose by 72% in 2021. On top of this, the cost of living is not helping the increase. This also

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We are still expanding the business for growth and have a new role – head of broker – which Nicolas Partington has just been appointed to. He comes from a background in financial services, so

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We recently helped out Meadows Ryan solicitors in Weybridge with a case where an estate was locked because the IHT liability could not be paid and professional fees were racking up. The estate of the

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Tower Street Finance has received a five-star Defaqto rating for two of its consumer-facing products. Inheritance Advance and IHT Loan have been given the rating in the short-term probate loan category. Defaqto is an independent

Tower Street Finance is continuing to expand its team with two more new hires. As the company scales up the business development team has expanded, so David Crooke has been recruited to head up the

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At Tower Street Finance, we pride ourselves on finding solutions to the financial challenges of probate. That is why we listen to our customers and partners and take on board their feedback. Our Inheritance Tax