Integrating Technology in Estate Planning: Opportunities for Will Writers

As a will writer, the service you provide your clients is personal. Being able to communicate well, listen to and empathise with clients’ needs, and offer them the best, most suitable estate planning solutions, are

Jonathan Maskew is CTT’s new Director of Partnerships. As head of the Partnership Team, Jonathan brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience from his established career in legal services, spanning over 30 years.

Estate planning is a complex process, from both a financial standpoint and an emotional one. Helping clients understand the various options available to them and how to select the best products to suit their needs

“Oh, we’ve got to be talking millions!” says Spencer Tattam, CTT’s Technical Director. “If this one instance in Brighton saved the family from a £134,000 tax bill, then over the last 15 years, we must

Digital technology is all around us. From self check-outs, ATMs, and SatNavs to the smart devices that let you run your life from your mobile phone. The benefits of software are undeniable, especially when it

Get in the festive spirit this year with our free CTT Group Christmas Estate Planning Quiz. Join Bhavesh and Kishan for a mix of Estate Planning grilling and Christmas cheer. We would like to take

Free Spotlight Webinar on CTT Groups NRB and RNRB Discretionary Trusts The agenda for this webinar is as follows: Part 1: Spotlight on CTT Groups NRB and RNRB Discretionary Trusts Why we believe they are

Do you possess personal life insurance and have a limited company? You could save a significant amount through tax relief by transferring the payment of your personal life insurance cover to your company. In this

When launching any new product or service, the main factor in determining its success is always the same: is there a need? The curse of the innovator is to assume every new idea is going

There are certain formalities that must be complied with when a client signs their will and when the signature is being witnessed. If these requirements are not met, it can often result in problems after

There are seven main types of trust listed on the government’s website; CTT Group offers its Private Clients and Professional Advisors a further twelve. All of these have been skilfully developed in-house by the group,

If clients have a mortgage and a family, the importance of protecting mortgage payments with Life or Critical Illness Cover and additional protection for children, is paramount. It could mean the difference between a family

There may come a time in the future when you’re incapable of making decisions for yourself regarding your finances and welfare. It’s an unwelcome thought for many, but it’s important to make provision for this

Business owners are likely to be too caught up with the current hustle and bustle of everyday life to spend much time looking forward to the future. That’s why it’s worth encouraging your clients to

CTT’s Legacy software is a cloud-based platform that provides users with everything they need to manage their estate planning business. It was first developed in response to the needs of our advisors, and at CTT,

Let’s say a client has a will in place (which is more than 70% of the population!) and it directs their estate to trust. What if their circumstances change? What if they get married or

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Three-Dimensional Estate Planning for Business Owners- Part 1 July 10th Three-Dimensional Estate Planning for Business OwnersEnsure succession of clients’ existing businesses in the most tax-efficient and fair manner, allowing business continuity and family benefit This

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When CTT Group recently hosted a roundtable for the Coventry & Warwickshire Chamber of Commerce, the last thing Director and co-founder Bob Massey expected was an ambush. “I’m normally the one standing at the front,

Ensuring your client executes the deeds and documents that are related to their planning is a vital part of the process to ensure that their planning is in place. At CTT Group, we are trying

Around 42% of UK marriages end in divorce. With divorce rates in 2021 reaching their highest in seven years, this increase illustrates the importance of ensuring a stable financial future for clients where marriage is