Financial asset searches

Dormant Asset Fund

Undertaking a comprehensive financial asset and liability search when administering an estate or dealing with a Mental Capacity case is not only best practice, but it can save a world of worry further down the line. This joint video by Anglia Research and Estatesearch outlines the benefits of conducting a search, including: Protects the Personal […]

Company pension planning for business owners

Business owners are likely to be too caught up with the current hustle and bustle of everyday life to spend much time looking forward to the future. That’s why it’s worth encouraging your clients to think about what their future standard of living might look like with only the state pension – that’s £800 a […]

Lack of social contact ‘may cause the brain to shrink later in life’

Image of an elderly person sat by themselves

A new study has found that isolation in old age is linked to brain shrinkage – a contributing fact to the development of dementia, according to The Times. The findings suggested that helping people start social connections could be “beneficial for preventing brain atrophy and the development of dementia”, according to researchers in Japan. Scientists […]