The Gazette offers free client guide to deceased estates notices

The Gazette, the UK’s official public record, is today reminding Today’s Wills and Probate readers that they can access a free client guide to support them when recommending deceased estates notices. The free guide is

Can you help The Gazette with three questions relating to using their notices in court and the importance of their digital signatures? The Gazette, the UK’s official public record and the home of all deceased

A new guide to placing deceased estates notices on The Gazette has been released to help practitioners explain the importance and key benefits of notice placement to clients. Deceased estates notice placement, also known as

The Gazette, the UK’s Official Public Record, is reaching out to probate practitioners to offer a free deceased estates notice placement guide which can be passed on to clients. The short guide has been created

The Gazette, the UK’s official public record, is looking for probate solicitors to take part in a survey, and respondents could win a £50 John Lewis Gift Card. The survey helps The Gazette to improve

A Gazette survey of probate professionals has created a clearer view of the motivations behind deceased estates notice placement.

The Gazette – Probate Survey The Gazette are interested to hear the thoughts of Today’s Wills and Probate readers, around the placement of deceased estates notices, and have compiled a short survey. The survey should

When someone dies with no will or known family, their property passes to the Crown as ownerless property (bona vacantia). This can be any type of property, such as buildings, money or personal possessions. Without

If you’re executor of an estate, one of your responsibilities is to deal with any claims against the deceased’s estate. Once you’ve applied for and received grant of representation (also called grant of probate, or

The Gazette now offers a complete deceased estates notice placement service, so you can place a notice in both a local newspaper and online in The Gazette in one easy step. This service has been

The number of notices placed in order to protect executors of deceased estates from unknown creditors is rising. Since 2013, deceased estates notice placement in The Gazette has increased by 3%, a significant step change,

The Gazette team is inviting legal professionals in the probate sector to take part in one of a number of focus groups being held across England. The focus groups will concentrate on probate-related matters, specifically

You can now place deceased estates notices online with The Gazette. The new online form simplifies the notice placement process, making it quick and easy to use. As the UK’s official public record, your client’s