Find unclaimed estates in The Gazette

Find unclaimed estates in The Gazette

When someone dies with no will or known family, their property passes to the Crown as ownerless property (bona vacantia). This can be any type of property, such as buildings, money or personal possessions.

Without knowing, relatives could be entitled to a share of their deceased relative’s property (estate).

The Government Legal Department (GLD) began placing deceased estates notices in The Gazette in 2016 for all executors and administrators of unclaimed estates to protect themselves, and to publicise the estate to potential beneficiaries.

Since 2016, GLD has placed hundreds of unclaimed estates notices in The Gazette. If you think you may have a claim, you can search this section of The Gazette (notice code 2904), before seeking more information about how to claim.

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Place deceased estates notices in The Gazette

As an executor of a will you want to do the very best for your clients, so it makes financial sense to protect them and yourself from unknown creditors by placing a deceased estates notice in The Gazette

Individual digital footprints are growing, leaving uncertainty about outstanding hidden debts and creditors. Deceased estates notice placement (also known as a Section 27 of the Trustee Act 1925 notice) allows you to advertise for any unknown creditors or beneficiaries to come forward and make a claim against the estate.

The Gazette is the UK’s official public record, which is recognised legally as giving notice to all persons under the Documentary Evidence Act 1882 and therefore offers protection after the estate has been distributed.

Placing notices

  • Create an account as an authorised notice placer and you can place a notice using our online form for convenience
  • Use our PO Box address if you’d like to retain anonymity – all post will be forwarded on to you
  • The Gazette can also arrange a local newspaper advert for added peace of mind
  • Multiple notices can be uploaded at the same time if required

Find out more information on how to place a deceased notice on The Gazette website and watch our video below.

Missing wills/next of kin notices

It is also possible to place next of kin notices in The Gazette, which can assist with searching for beneficiaries when the deceased has not left a will. To place a next of kin notice please contact us. Our customer services team is on hand to provide assistance on 0333 200 2434.


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