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The National Wills Report – The Culture of Will Writing in the UK in 2023

In this latest episode of The Today’s Wills and Probate podcast host David Opie is joined by The National Will Register’s Astrid Bowser to discuss the release of a wide-reaching report into the culture of Will writing in 2023.

The report follows a survey commissioned by The National Will Register into public perception about Will writing and what plans people had in place for their loved ones once they have died.

The key takeaways from “The National Wills Report – The Culture of Will Writing in the UK in 2023” suggest that less than 50%  of people have written a Will. That percentage increases slightly in higher age brackets, but one of the surprising elements to the report is that 42% of people have not discussed what should happen upon their passing with their loved ones.

The report also looks at wider demographics around age, family status and location; as well as exploring attitudes toward the lack of engagement around writing a Will. 1 in 20 respondents suggested that writing a Will was simply too morbid to think about!

The rise of online Will writing is also laid bare by the report with 16% of respondents indicating they had used an online Will writer to prepare their Will.

Astrid shares the results of the report and discusses some key takeaways for firms when it comes to thinking about the sentiment across demographics and how that informs law firm’s and Will writer’s communications strategies.

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