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The National Will Register offering free will registration

The National Will Register is offering free will registration to everyone for the month of May with FREEWILLREG24.

The National will Register exists to ensure unknown, untraceable wills are a thing of the past through their will Registration and Will Search services. Their mission is driven by the thousands of professionals and testators themselves who have built The National Will Register since 2006 to provide a National Will Register that serves the industry and is now at over 10.5 million wills.

They  are often the first point of contact for next of kin who are on a fact-finding mission to proceed through the process following a death. It is not unusual that through the passage of time a will can get lost or for its existence to be forgotten about by both the Testator and Executor(s). Through recording the wills existence and the location that it is stored, Will Registration offers a solution to this and reassurance that this risk has been removed.

One in every five Certainty Will Searches undertaken by the public and probate profession results in a will being found where one was thought never to have been written, or the will being used to distribute the estate had been superseded by the newer found Will using a Certainty Will search.

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