Legal Project Management: Optimising Workflows

For enterprise law firms managing large-scale matters efficiently and effectively can be a constant challenge. Whether it’s complex litigation, corporate mergers, or regulatory compliance, these endeavours demand meticulous attention to detail, strategic planning, and flawless execution. This is where Legal Project Management (LPM) comes into play. In an era where clients are expecting results faster […]

The National Will Register offering free will registration

will ownership

The National Will Register is offering free will registration to everyone for the month of May with FREEWILLREG24. The National will Register exists to ensure unknown, untraceable wills are a thing of the past through their will Registration and Will Search services. Their mission is driven by the thousands of professionals and testators themselves who […]

Landmark Judgment: Langley v Qin undue influence case

The Central London County Court has delivered its verdict in the case of Langley v Qin, a matter revolving around alleged predatory marriage. This case, notable for being among the first to follow the precedent set by the England and Wales Court of Appeal’s decision in Rea v Rea (2024 EWCA Civ 169), sheds light […]