What Customer Service? Companies Should Treat the Bereaved with More Compassion

The subject of an organisation or establishment’s insensitivity in dealing with people who have recently lost a loved one is once again in the media after the television presenter Kate Garraway had to resort to

assisted dying legislation

Inheritance, especially among parents and children of a certain age, is a conversation that can prove to be incredibly uncomfortable amongst families. Usually, everyone is looking at what’s best for the whole, rather than the

The Increasing importance of Digital Estate Management. By Luke Cheadle, Head of UK Operations for The Estate Registry In our digital world, individuals accumulate not only physical possessions but also a vast amount of digital

There was some interesting research recently that sought to define the true cost of dying. An annual report from the insurance provider SunLife suggested that costs had reached a record high: funeral costs have risen

Registered Will Bank prevents incorrect estate distribution within 48 hours

By Luke Cheadle, Head of UK Operations for The Estate Registry   There are more than 500,000 deaths in the UK each year, and for the bereaved left behind, the process of registering a death

Rising property prices can be good news for people selling a house, but in probate cases they can also offer a challenge. The UK’s probate system has long been a subject of contention and concern,

Today’s Wills and Probate are pleased to announce The Estate Registry as one of our new partners. Luke Cheadle, Head of UK Operations has answered some of our questions. Can you introduce The Estate Registry

NotifyNOW and E.ON Next have won the Technology Development Award at the Chartered Institute of Credit Management’s 2024 British Credit Awards. NotifyNOW, developed by The Estate Registry, is being delivered to UK creditors in collaboration

Customer service has evolved a great deal in recent years. While there was some initial pushback to offshoring, call centres and the use of automated systems (‘dial 1 for sales’), both the customer services industry