• February 29, 2024

SHED Social

SHED work with Solicitors, Legal Practitioners & Estate Planners all over the UK, providing exclusive-to-you leads… that convert into customers.

  • We use YOUR business brand to generate YOUR unique leads
  • Promote your business in your chosen area
  • Our automated lead nurturing, and appointment booking systems free up your time and build your pipeline
Team SHED focus entirely on generating leads today, and building your pipeline for tomorrow.  We’re here to help you build a better, stronger business that your potential leads want to deal with. Currently celebrating our first decade, Team SHED believe that growth through automated digital marketing is achievable for everyone, and we are passionate about delivering real-world sales results through automated systems that turn your leads into your customers and make your day-today easier.
  • Our leads are easier to close than leads bought from aggregators
  • A qualified database of customers is a great place to upsell LPA’s and other services
  • Money spent today, should build your pipeline for tomorrow
Mike review for SHED from Kate Jones on Vimeo. Key Services Lead Generation for Estate Planners Key Links Website Facebook Key contact Matt Jones 02920 616103 matt@shedsocial.co.uk

Partner News

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