September blues

Are you currently eyeing September with a back-to-school feeling – knowing you have a pile of rapidly cooling leads you didn’t contact before you went away …and no real pipeline?

Been there.  The juggle between holiday season – whether that’s swanning off to a Portuguese Golf resort with your 15 closest pals or trying to stop the kids turning the house into a scene from Lord of the Flies by week six – is real.

So… Let’s stay on holiday and replace everyone with robots!

Just kidding.  BUT while AI sounds like yet another gimmick to avoid while you get on with the real work – let us show you in the next five minutes why automating your sales function can make a serious difference to both your business and quality of life.

  1. Finding potential customers is the key. Bringing potential customers on a journey from having a passing interest in the services you sell, to parting with their contact details, and ultimately choosing to spend their money with you – is commonly known as a marketing funnel or sales funnel.
  2. A funnel structure built in your own brand name means that the Lead Generation process can be automated – you don’t have to lift a finger; and means that a predictable and reliable source of leads flows into your business, taking the guess work out of next month’s sales. (This is basically how lead aggregators find leads to sell on to you, but your money grows their brand instead of your own.)
In 6 weeks this ad has generated 200 leads for less than £3 each – all replied to automatically
  1. Working leads doesn’t necessarily mean buying in new contacts There ARE new clients in YOUR old database, so whether it’s your list of old customers that have spent money with you or, a database of leads that have never answered the phone – sending them a message can reveal PLENTY of new customers.

However, crawling back over old client lists in an excel sheet is not a place that holds joy for even the most committed of salespeople.  So how about if we automated your Database Reactivation so that you didn’t even pick up the phone until a prospect says “yes” to a conversation. We do this all the time for our clients; it works a like a charm.

Not a SHED employee
  1. Saving Time Makes Time. We’re not about to get all “Time is Money” on you, but automations and Ai can save you hours every week, time you could spend doing more important stuff.
    On average automated systems save users about 3.6 hours a week, that’s 23 working days per year, PLUS employees who use AI are 90% more likely to report higher levels of productivity than those who don’t. Put simply taking repetitive and time-consuming tasks away from you and your team means more time spent growing your business and serving your customers really well.

Examples of tasks we automate for customers are, requesting reviews, messaging leads the instant they drop, turning leads into appointments in the diary. responding to messages from social media, turning web visitors into booked appointments, responding to missed calls within seconds – all done on autopilot.

  1. Automated Digital Marketing is here to make your life easier and your sales process more efficient. We set everything up for you, from Web Live Chat to Calendars – and if you need a new website we’ll even sort that too (for zero extra charge). So, you immediately benefit from all the great advantages AI has for small to medium businesses without having to learn any extra skills.

Sound good?

  • We use YOUR business brand to generate YOUR unique leads
  • We promote your business in your chosen area
  • Our automated lead nurturing, and appointment booking systems free up your time and build your pipeline

Chat to us today and avoid the September Blues creeping in.  Book a call with Matt here

This article was submitted to be published by SHED Social as part of their advertising agreement with Today’s Wills and Probate. The views expressed in this article are those of the submitter and not those of Today’s Wills and Probate.

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