The risks of ransomware – another UK legal firm fined nearly £100K

Fines are one of the consequences of becoming infected with ransomware. Criminal defence firm Tuckers Solicitors is the latest business to have been hit with a significant fine from the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). Their

The latest Alpha Legal update is now live and it’s a big one! Look out for: a new Meeting Planner to help you to find a suitable time to meet your clients – ideal for

Legacy Wills are the latest Alpha Legal subscriber to be featured on our blog. Based in Leicester and serving clients throughout the UK, Legacy Wills are one of our busiest Alpha Legal subscribers. They make

We should all know by now that emails are not secure! No professional advisor should be asking a client to send their passport, driving licence or bank statement by email. It isn’t safe for the

We’ve been working with OERCA – One Earth Research & Conservation – over the last few months on a number of Alpha Anywhere software development projects. OERCA produce the world’s leading apps for animal welfare

One week left to secure the best Alpha Legal prices!

Still thinking about Alpha Legal and what it could do for your business? Are you an Estate Agent, Will Writer, Accountant or Solicitor needing access to: – ID verification for your clients – secure document

We’ve updated Alpha Legal so that ID photos, documents and videos all upload much more quickly This change also helps clients with slower Internet speeds who, previously, may have not waited for their form and

Digital ID checks - why Alpha Legal is part of a new identity checking future

April 12 was another COVID milestone here in the UK. You might have had a haircut yesterday or even a drink in a pub garden (if you were wrapped up warm)! The relaxation of measures

Is Alpha Legal only for young people?

One of the questions we’re often asked here at Alpha Legal is How do older people react when asked to send their ID documents electronically? Do older people manage OK or do they struggle with

Are you fed up with clients sending you blurry photos of their driving licence or passport? Or perhaps they send you photos without the important serial numbers showing in full? What a waste of time

Alpha Legal's product roadmap for Spring 2021

The developers at Alpha Legal (alphalegal.co.uk), the secure communication service for will writers, solicitors and accountants, have just published their product roadmap for Spring 2021. Highlights of the roadmap include integration with some of the

Price drop at Alpha Legal

We’ve listened to our larger Alpha Legal will writing clients and made a new 10,000 credit pack available in the online shop. This brings the price of each credit down to only 4p! What does

Alpha Legal - Major Update – Live!

The Alpha Legal team at Start Software have published their first major update and all Alpha Legal subscribers now have access to the new features. Building on the success of the ID, bank account details

Customer experience is the next competitive battle ground. It’s where business is going to be won or lost! We all understand how important good customer service is. Customers who experience poor customer service find it