Customer experience is the next competitive battle ground

Customer experience is the next competitive battle ground. It’s where business is going to be won or lost!

We all understand how important good customer service is.  Customers who experience poor customer service find it easier than ever to share their experience with social media and the Internet to let the whole world know.

However when you impress and delight your customers, your business will benefit!

Win the customer service battle and you will defeat your competition.

Customer service represents your brand image, mission and values. It is a direct connection between your customers and your business and can dictate how successful you become.

When your customer service is good you automatically cultivate a loyal following that refers customers, serves as providing case studies, positive testimonials and reviews, all FREE of charge. There’s no better form of advertising!

Good customer service means understanding your clients’ wants and needs, and then exceeding those expectations. 

It is a foolish business that takes their customers for granted or assumes that customers don’t research before choosing a product or service supplier.  Everyone now has technology at their fingertips to help them to research the best products and services available to them.

In our legal world, customers lead busy lives and demand a fast and easy way of communicating with their chosen provider.  In addition, they have an expectation that any company they deal will be working in a GDPR-compliant and totally secure way.

That’s where we come in at Alpha Legal.  Alpha Legal enables you to deliver excellent customer service AND be confident that every communication is safe and secure.

Securing your client relationships.

Alpha Legal, from Start Software, uses the latest secure technology to help both you and your clients. It is an easy to use, affordable system that secures your client relationship with its ability to share personal & sensitive information in a GDPR-compliant manner:

  • send secure messages to your clients,
  • request ID documents and bank details,
  • complete forms & documents
  • capture client signatures easily and securely
  • share information

Unlike emails which are easily hacked, with Alpha Legal you have a secure 2 way communication direct with your clients.

Alpha Legal is specifically designed for businesses and advisors dealing with clients. If you are a solicitor, Will writer, estate agent, accountant or IFA, and you exchange or share sensitive information with your clients, Alpha Legal is for you.

To learn more about how Alpha Legal can help protect your business, improve your customer service and see what’s coming next in the future of secure data and document transfer, register now for your place on one of our partner Countrywide’s FREE webinars.

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Robin Bennett. MA (Oxon) FIAP MIoD
Director, Start Software – the creators of Alpha Legal

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