Today's Wills and Probate Podcast

Getting paid your true worth

The True Worth Expert Vanessa Ugatti joins host David Opie on the latest Today’s Wills and Probate Podcast.

Vanessa works with professional services individual and organisations to help them understand their true value, and explain that better to clients to help them get paid their true worth, unapologetically.

In her work Vanessa sees individuals and organisations constantly undercharging, underestimating, discounting, over servicing; she explains how a lack of confidence in conveyancing value leads to firms making less money and working too hard.

She explains how there is a tendency to be fearful about charging for our work. While Vanessa doesn’t give away all her secrets, during the podcast she provides some insight into her 9 Part True Worth Methodology; explaining how one of the key elements is helping people become more consciously aware of the value they’re providing.

“We take for granted that we are experts,” Vanessa explains. “It’s easy because we’ve got 10-20 years experience.” She suggests we need to “take charge” when it comes to pricing. “Modern lawyers have to be commercially aware which has a positive knock on effect on profitability and staff wellbeing because they’re being paid fairly for the worth they do,” she adds.

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