Online will writing software

Online will writing software

Leading Will Writing software package WillSuite is an online drafting and CRM solution created and used by estate planning professionals and private client solicitors drafting over 100,000 wills per year.

Long gone are the days where practitioners draft from precedents – we know that some still does. Now, more practitioners are using software to automate the production of legal documents for clients pulling in the necessary clauses, and those businesses with a pro-active approach to technology are seeing the benefits of digital transformation, on their bottom line.

Just as important, WillSuite enables the firm to produce relevant and comprehensive documents specific to the client’s requirements in an efficient and user-friendly fashion.

Our Will writing software uses solicitor drafted clauses and intuitive and intelligent questionnaires to prepare client ready documents whilst creating client files with contemporaneous notes thus helping to future-proof the business.

The Will drafting software has been built to help practitioners mitigate risks, to create client friendly documents (written in plain English) and to designed specifically to improve business efficiencies. In simple terms it allows you to create documents in minutes speeding up the rate at which client gets their documents.

Our system is being used by sole practitioners and multi,-partner practices with various locations; For both varying clients, WillSuite proves to be a cost-effective software solution enabling organisations to run their business in the cloud whilst providing security over the data.

Our GDPR-compliant data centres are in the UK. Users can encrypt documents, enable two-factor authentication and create audit trails within cases.

Established businesses and practices are able to import their client banks over to WillSuite using CSV files and data can be exported from our system in an open CSV format too.

The system has a number of other features proving popular including the appointment booking functionality, the invoicing component and the pipeline tool.

For the business focused practitioner, or managing partner, we have built in several key performance indicators which enable you to measure the progress of your team as individuals, but also as a whole.

Whether you’d like to see how many cases you’ve done, see the value of cases created, or to be able to filter clients who haven’t got certain products/services from you, the system allows you to see this.

The core element of WillSuite is undoubtedly our suite of legal documents and we pride ourselves in being able to offer these on a flat monthly license. That means we do not charge you per document you create and do not punish you for being successful. We operate a fair use policy, and do not tie you into lengthy contracts.

People continue to use our system because we are feedback driven, we communicate with you, and we are transparent. If you like it, we hope you will stay. If you do not like it, you can download your data and find a system better suited to your needs.

As a tech focused business, we understand how embracing innovation can benefit your business and make your life easier. We have built in a number of integrations including Office 365 (your emails appear in our client interaction section) and you also integrate with Zoom too.

If you are not yet convinced about whether WillSuite is right for you, then take heart in the fact that we are the software provider for The Society of Will Writers and The Institute of Professional Will Writers.

When implementing any new software, a trial is worthwhile and we offer a complimentary 14 days to put our system to the test. In addition, we can offer you a tailored 1-2-1 demonstration in which we will seek to understand more about your business so we can talk to you about the features that will best benefit you.

If you are ready to build your brand, trial WillSuite and would like to embrace technology, please contact us.

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WillSuite could be your new legal back office drafting tool. We have developed a suite of online applications upping the game in Will writing for Will Writers, Solicitors, Financial Advisors and Accountants. WillSuite produces over 100,000 documents per year.

Using intuitive and intelligent questionnaires, WillSuite allows you to produce all Estate Planning documents from Wills (and trusts) to LPAs and Severance of Joint Tenancy. For law firms or multi-person practices, you can manage users’ permission to restrict or enable specific parts of the software as well as pulling reports from the system and building custom client journeys with automated client communications.

WillSuite is built with your brand in mind therefore documents can include your own logo or contact details. You can also use features such as: Invoicing, appointment booking and SMS functionality.

Working with an award-winning STEP-qualified Solicitor with the Advanced Certificate in Will Drafting, we’ve ensured our wording is not only legally sound, but also in an elegant and plain English language everyone can understand. Nevertheless,if you like the sound of “per stirpes” and “en ventre sa mere” then you’re free to use your own wording and clauses as you have control over your own clause library.

We don’t believe in tying clients into lengthy contracts or charging excessive per document fees. Instead, we offer a transparent rolling monthly contract at a fee of £69 per user*.

Trial the software for free by visiting our website and be up and running in minutes. If you would like a 1-2-1 demo with a member of our team, please get in touch.

*Price subject to VAT.

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