The 2024 Bereavement Index Needs You

Exizent is excited to announce the launch of its Bereavement Index for the fourth consecutive year. T

his index provides insights into the state of bereavement in the United Kingdom, highlighting areas where progress has been made and identifying areas that still require attention. To create this report, Exizent conducts surveys among legal professionals, financial services professionals and bereaved individuals. The aim is to examine legal, financial, and emotional factors to determine where the nation stands with current bereavement processes and identify what still needs to be done to make it a smoother process for everyone involved.

To support their 2024 Bereavement Index research, Exizent is seeking legal professionals who are responsible for managing probate/confirmation cases to participate in their annual report by answering a brief 10-minute survey. Your input is crucial to the success of this report and as a token of appreciation, participants will have the chance to enter a prize draw for a £100 gift card, of your choosing.

Click here to participate in our survey.

The 2023 findings from the Bereavement Index report revealed some concerning facts about the state of bereavement processes. What will the 2024 report uncover? Will there be significant industry changes, an increase in law firms adopting technology, a staggering insight into resources and workload or more consumers seeking professional services assistance during the process?

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to have your voice heard. Take the survey now and contribute to improving the state of bereavement processes in the UK.

Key findings in 2023

94% of legal professionals thought their firm could handle probate and estate administration more efficiently than they did.

99% of people found the probate process much harder than they expected.

78% of bereaved individuals involved in estate administration were 18 – 44 years old.

66% of 18 – 44 year olds suffered mental health issues administering an estate.

77% of financial services professionals received less than a quarter of notifications through digital means.

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