OPG ends death certificate requirement for verification of death

The Office of the Public Guardian (OPG) has done away with the requirement to send in a death certificate following notification that somebody has died, it announced this week.

Moving forwards, deaths will be verified using the Passport Office (HMPO) Life Event Verification system.

This system, which the OPG says is a “safe and efficient way to confirm deaths”, is currently used across government.

The OPG did, however, note that they may need to see a death certificate should there be any issues with verifying a death.

When to let OPG know if someone passes away

The OPG must be notified upon the death of:

  • A donor of a registered Enduring or Lasting Power or Attorney
  • An attorney acting under a registered Enduring or Lasting Power of Attorney
  • A replacement attorney
  • A deputy appointed by the Court of Protection
  • Someone for whom the Court of Protection has appointed a deputy
  • A High Court-appointed guardian or missing person

What happens when you notify OPG of a death

  • Notify the OPG of a death by email, telephone, or letter
  • Return the original LPA or EPA to us so that we can process any updates or cancellations
  • The OPG will use the Life Event Verification system to verify the death and then write to the relevant person to acknowledge this
  • The OPG will confidentially dispose of any cancelled LPA or EPA
  • If a court appointed deputy or guardian passes away, the OPG will advise what action should be taken next. If a new deputy is needed, the OPG will let the relevant local authority know so they can help with this. If a new guardian is needed, the OPG will let the relevant parties know so that they can take appropriate action

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