Circe Law

New firm launches aiming to shake up high street law firm culture

A new firm has set out with the aim of “changing what it means to work within high street law firms” through a raft of modern workplace policies.

Circe Law has been launched by Jade Gani TEP, who said the SRA-regulated firm will “innovate and advocate with a fervour that seems to have seeped out of the industry in recent years as a result of poor leadership and bad practices”.

In aiming to disrupt the current culture within high street firms, Circe Law said they will tackle issues including burnout, presenteeism, unequal and unfair pay, and a lack of diversity in the workplace. This, said the firm, will allow staff to “flourish and fall back in love with working in the law”.

“Our name was formed from the first letters of key values that represent our work and who we are: Courage, Integrity, Respect, Charity, and Equity. It helps that Circe is also a Greek goddess and sorceress, a much-needed symbol of female empowerment within a traditionally very male-dominated industry,” said Gani, the firm’s founder and CEO.

The 32-year-old secured back-to-back titles in the British Wills & Probate Awards 2020 and STEP PCAs 2021 in the “Young Practitioner of the Year” category. She is also the founder of The Wishing Will Foundation CIC, a guest writer for LawSkills, a Presiding Judge for the STEP PCAs 2023, and a newly appointed Director of Solicitors for the Elderly.

The firm’s Head of Probate & Trust Property Lisa Keefe said:

“I am looking forward to the opportunity of being part of a new challenge and to build change both now and in the future. Even though a brand-new firm, Circe Law is a forward-thinking, progressive firm that aims to look after their staff’s wellbeing as well as that of their clients. I look forward to working with likeminded professionals and using my specialist knowledge and experience to assist our clients.”

To find out more about Circe Law, visit their website.

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