ICAEW accredits its first digital estate planning product

ICAEW accredits its first digital estate planning product

The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) has awarded its Technology Accreditation to a platform in the ‘Digital Estate Planning’ category for the first time.

The accreditation process involves a rigorous independent evaluation by RSM which scrutinises the software’s usability, security, data processing and customer support.

The ICAEW’s Accreditation scheme covers a range of products for its members – including platforms to assist with audits, tax calculations and expense management – giving accountancy firms access to reliable and independently evaluated technology products so they can choose the best software solution for their needs.

The accreditation has been awarded to Zenplans, a cloud-based digital estate planning platform.

Craig McLellan, who manages the ICAEW Technology Accreditation Scheme, commented:

“We are delighted that Zenplans has been accredited by the ICAEW. It is important that we continue to give members the ability to review independently evaluated software that supports the growth and delivery of estate planning and probate services for their clients.”

Stephen Moses CEO and Founder of Zenplans said:

Our paperless society and growing digital footprints are having a profound impact on estate planning and administration. It is now harder than ever for executors and attorneys to access all the information they need to fulfil their role.

Jamie Lennox