• December 9, 2023
 Heiress alleges foul play in battle over £100m inheritance

Heiress alleges foul play in battle over £100m inheritance

In a legal battle over a £100 million share of her late father’s fortune, Olga Scherbakova has made a startling claim in London’s High Court, alleging that her father, Russian oligarch Vladimir Scherbakov, was murdered, as reported by The Times.

Scherbakov was found hanged while facing extradition to Russia, and the dispute involves his girlfriend, Brigita Morina, suing his former wife, Elena, and their children, Olga and Alexander, to enforce his purported missing will.

Scherbakova, representing herself, asserted that they have faced surveillance, threats, and physical attacks during this legal dispute, suggesting it was an attempt to deter them from pursuing their claim. She described her father’s death as “very suspicious,” citing the circumstances in which he was found hanged in 2017, wearing only underwear and with none of his usual household staff present.

Morina, who met Scherbakov in 2009 and had a romantic relationship with him, claims that she has been wrongly accused by Olga of involvement in Vladimir’s death and that the legal battle is more of a personal vendetta against her and her children.

The legal dispute also touches upon Vladimir’s citizenship status, his criminal investigation in Russia, and a will made in England in 2015. Morina alleges that Scherbakov made a will leaving almost all his fortune outside Russia to her and their children. The document was also involved in a £30 million extortion attempt. Morina is seeking probate on this English will, while Scherbakova claims her father destroyed it after his relationship with Morina ended.

The ongoing case highlights a complex web of personal and legal issues surrounding the inheritance and the mysterious circumstances of Vladimir Scherbakov’s death.

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