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LawCare extends online chat service

Legal mental health charity LawCare has extended its online chat service for legal professionals from one to four days a week from Tuesday 10th May. The charity, which offers free, confidential, emotional support to anyone working in the law, has been operating a helpline and peer support programme since 1997 and has supported over 10,000 […]Read More

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LawCare: loneliness in the legal sector

Humans are hard-wired to connect – we are tribal and social animals. We are biologically programmed to need other humans, and a feeling of belonging and connection drives our happiness. Despite this, many of us will know what it’s like to be lonely, especially after living through two years of reduced social interaction. Loneliness arises […]Read More

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LawCare: the value of peer support

We all know the phrases “a problem shared is a problem halved” or “it’s good to talk”, but the benefits in talking about how you are feeling go far beyond this. When we are in a difficult situation we lose our problem-solving abilities. It can be impossible to focus and it can seem overwhelming to […]Read More