LawCare: loneliness in the legal sector


Humans are hard-wired to connect – we are tribal and social animals. We are biologically programmed to need other humans, and a feeling of belonging and connection drives our happiness. Despite this, many of us will know what it’s like to be lonely, especially after living through two years of reduced social interaction. Loneliness arises […]

The essential extras to prepare properties for market


When it comes to the Essential Extras, you can rest assured that the Property Ladder Group (PLG) have got you covered. The initial point of contact is usually when an Attorney, Deputy or Executor notifies us of an owners death or illness. Our first priority then is to make sure that the property is insured and […]

Resolute and relentless: the lawyers of Ukraine


The legal sector of Ukraine has been thrust into a war-torn whirlwind of an economic climate, bringing with it untold levels of hardship and uncertainty. Yet, in the face of Russian aggression, Ukraine’s lawyers and firms are doing everything they can to uphold their industry – and their nation. After the first month of the […]

LinkedIn becomes most impersonated brand by phishers


New research has shown LinkedIn as the most frequently impersonated brand used in phishing attacks, with more than 52% of incidents worldwide using LinkedIn’s likeness. Cybersecurity company Check Point reported last year that LinkedIn were the fifth-most impersonated brand in Q4, accounting for 8% of incidents. The company’s latest figures show LinkedIn has moved to […]