Foreign lawyers invited to join Ukrainian Bar Association

Foreign lawyers invited to join Ukrainian Bar Association

In 2022, the Ukrainian Bar Association (UBA) turned 20 years old. In addition to 20 years of history, the UBA boasts 6500+ members, 27 Committees, 23 Regional Units, 550+ events per year, and dozens of legislative amendments and projects annually.

Unfortunately, the UBA’s 20th anniversary came accompanied by challenges posed by the war. Membership fees, conferences and partner contributions which used to form UBA’s budget drastically decreased since February 2022. “Without external support, we cannot continue our tasks”, said the UBA. In view of this major obstacle, the UBA have decided to strengthen their regional outreach and to address financial issues by allowing foreign lawyers to join the UBA as International Participants for a fee of €200 (£171) per annum.

As a result of joining the UBA, international members would receive:

  • Regular updates on UBA activities and documents
  • Access to information on Ukrainian lawyers & ability to source referral work to them, such as collecting information on local lawyers, information on accomodation, and assisting with ECHR submissions
  • A free ticket to any of the UBA’s international conferences
  • An opportunity to consult with committees of the UBA on issues of Ukrainian law or practice

Viktoriia Krasnova of the UBA said:

“We are convinced that foreign participation would transform us into an international, multi-country community of lawyers with a stronger voice who speaks multiple languages.

Thus, UBA invites foreign lawyers to support UBA’s mission by joining our Association. By joining us, every single lawyer will make our voice stronger and will help us to go forward, despite the disruption of the Ukrainian legal market. Together, we are millions.”

Jamie Lennox