CTT Group raises £10,000 for Ukraine Crisis Appeal with Midnight Walking Marathon

For those in estate planning and professional advisor communities, it’s unusual to be heading to work for midnight let alone in activewear. Yet that’s precisely what 27 staff members from CTT Group found themselves doing on Friday 24th June. The dedicated team set out from CTT’s offices at Gables House, Leamington Spa for a Midnight […]

Foreign lawyers invited to join Ukrainian Bar Association

In 2022, the Ukrainian Bar Association (UBA) turned 20 years old. In addition to 20 years of history, the UBA boasts 6500+ members, 27 Committees, 23 Regional Units, 550+ events per year, and dozens of legislative amendments and projects annually. Unfortunately, the UBA’s 20th anniversary came accompanied by challenges posed by the war. Membership fees, […]

How to help your Ukrainian counterparts


The ruthless war in Ukraine has left a nation utterly devastated, and the country’s legal sector is no exception. Despite this, information on what the UK legal sector can do to help its counterparts in Ukraine is sparse. Today’s Wills and Probate has set out to shed some light on what can be done to […]

Resolute and relentless: the lawyers of Ukraine


The legal sector of Ukraine has been thrust into a war-torn whirlwind of an economic climate, bringing with it untold levels of hardship and uncertainty. Yet, in the face of Russian aggression, Ukraine’s lawyers and firms are doing everything they can to uphold their industry – and their nation. After the first month of the […]

Russia’s actions “a direct threat to the rule of law” – Law Society

The president of the Law Society, I. Stephanie Boyce, has issued a statement condemning Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, offering the Law Society’s support to its members in the region and describing Russia’s actions as a “direct threat to the rule of law”. Boyce said: “The Law Society stands in solidarity with the Ukrainian people, the Ukrainian […]

Law Society issues statement on Ukraine

The president of the Law Society of England and Wales, I. Stephanie Boyce, has issued a statement condemning Russian hostility against Ukraine in Eastern Europe, as well as offering the Law Society’s support to its members in the region. Boyce said: “We are gravely concerned by the news from Ukraine. A clear principle of international […]