Private client firm launches eco-campaign to help Britain’s Bees

Private client firm launches eco-campaign to help Britain’s Bees

A national Will Writing and Estate Planning company based in East Grinstead have launched an eco-campaign to provide pollen sources desperately needed for the future survival of Britain’s bees.

The Just Wills and Legal Services Willing Bees campaign is inviting new customers to create their very own ‘micro-meadow’ – by donating a Bee Saving Kit to each household that writes their Will with the firm this summer.

The company’s pledge is “Willing Bees with every Will we Write” – and they hope to donate as many Bee Saving Kits as possible. The legal firm has 1000 Bee Survival Kits to donate to new customers, which is enough to create enough wildflower habitat to fill 7.8 allotments¹, 40 London Buses² or 10 average UK gardens³.

The Willing Bees campaign addresses the call by conservationists for more flowers for urban and rural areas in the UK where 35 bee species are currently at risk from extinction, in addition to the 13 species lost already⁴. The Willing Bees campaign is Just Wills and Legal Services’ response to help create more flowers and food sources for bees⁵ – and the firm hopes as many new customers will take part as possible.

The campaign launch also coincides with the upcoming World Bee Day on 20 May 2021. Designated by the United Nations, the observation aims to to raise awareness of how vital bees are, the threats they face and how critical their contribution is to the sustainability of our environment and food sources.

The Bee Saving Kits contain 1000s of native wildflower seeds, which crucially have been approved by the Royal Horticultural Society as ‘Perfect for Pollinators’. When sown, the seed will bloom into a floral ‘micro-meadow’, blossoming into 21 square feet of bee-friendly habitat.

The Bees Bee Saving Kits are also easy to grow, so those taking part in the Willing Bees campaign means you don’t need to be an experienced gardener (or beekeeper!) to participate. This is because unlike most wildflower seeds that come loose in a packet the Just Wills and Legal Services Willing Bees Bee Saving Kits are high-quality seed balls, handmade in Dorset, and set in a protective soil and nurturing clay. This means they can easily thrive in cleared ground that is kept well-watered.

It’s also an initiative that those without a garden can participate in, as the Bee Saving Kits can be sown in a flowerpot or window box. What everyone can enjoy – however they choose to sow their Bee Saving Kits – is a blooming display of delicate wildflowers that will attract a variety of bees and other insects to their gardens, patios or even a shared community space.

The company’s eco-mission was inspired by the setting of their rural East Grinstead office, aptly named “The Hive”. It is there that resident Bee-Keeper Bill keeps 12 beehives in the field immediately next to the company’s Head Quarters. Knowing how vital it is to support the delicate ecosystem that bees need to thrive in, the company was keen to develop an initiative that others could participate in too – which is how the Willing Bees campaign came to light.

David McMaster, Just Wills and Legal Services CEO and Founder says:

“When you make a Will you leave a legacy to your loved ones, which is important to protect the things you’ve worked hard for all your life and those you care about. Equally, the Willing Bees’ eco-campaign has been launched to leave a lasting legacy to the nation by helping Britain’s declining bee population, providing wildflower pollen sources so desperately needed to help Bees and other insects thrive, which is crucial for the survival of our bees, planet and future generations.”

To find out more about the Willing Bees campaign visit here.

Each Bee Saving Kit provides coverage for roughly 21 square feet / 1.95 square metres. The campaign aims to create 21,000 square feet of wildflower habitat.
¹ Standard Allotment Size = 2690 square feet (source national allotment society)
² Standard London Bus footprint = 517 square feet / 61 ft 6 in length x 8 ft 4 width (source
³ Average UK Garden = 2023 square feet (source ONS)
⁴ Source:
⁵ Source:

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