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CTT Legacy Software: Digital Innovations for the Estate Planning Sector

Since CTT’s inception in 2003, innovation has always been the driving force behind us. Founder directors Bob Massey and Clive Ponder launched the group to set a new, elite level of financial planning and asset protection for their clients. With that driving force has come some serious leaps in innovation for the industry over the last 20 years, too.

Enter Legacy

One of the biggest and most impactful advances has been the development of our Legacy will writing software.

Launched in 2015, Legacy is an easy-to-use digital platform that gives professional advisors access to a host of time-and-cost-saving tools.

Among its innovative features are Legacy’s intuitive drafting capabilities. These allow for users to input client data into any of Legacy’s 90+ legal documents, with the template adapting its drafting options to fit the client’s information and guiding the advisor through the process as they go.

This not only saves time but also enables less experienced advisors to offer a wider range of services with confidence.

Advisor support

Legacy boasts over 50 dedicated training videos and bulletins to support advisors through the journey with their client.

From the initial onboarding process right through to settling their client’s final invoice, Legacy helps users to offer the highest level of service possible to their clients, irrespective of experience.

And if there’s a question Legacy can’t answer, our in-house advisor team at CTT is on hand to provide any additional support needed.

Complete business management

Legacy’s various software packages are customisable, so users can tailor the service to suit their needs.

Further to its secure, cloud-based document handling, which has taken the industry into the digital age (all, of course, in accordance with the law!), Legacy supports all aspects of managing an estate planning practice including contracts, invoicing, and scheduling tools.

Its paperless system means users can access client documents anytime, anywhere and respond accordingly. With the help of CTT’s in-house team, Legacy can also take care of documents while advisors are away, allowing them to enjoy their break worry-free and return, refreshed, to their clients without piles of paperwork to catch up on.

Secure system

In keeping with CTT’s ethos for pushing industry standards forward, we’ve continued to develop Legacy over the last seven years in response to client’s estate planning needs.

One of the more recent updates is the addition of secure messaging, document sharing, e-signatures, and ID verification. These features negate the risk of sending sensitive information via email and is completely GDPR-compliant.

Its CRM features enable a streamlined and secure route of communication between our members and their clients by way of encrypted client portals. Users can access this messaging system to update clients on the status of their order and ensure all processes are being followed through, including executions and payments due.

It also enables the safe transfer of sensitive documents, including bank details and those required for ID checks.

Payments and transfers

With its increased security features, Legacy can now be used to generate invoices and take client payments and direct debits securely and remotely.

This not only saves time but also ensures advisors can trace a digital audit of works carried out and deadlines due, making for smoother, more efficient processing for both solo practitioners and large corporations alike.

What’s next?

CTT’s Legacy will writing software is perfect testament to the group’s commitment to innovation within the industry. Its paperless system has revolutionised the way our members manage their clients and practices, and opened up the sector for a whole new generation of estate planners.

You can be sure the minds that brought you Legacy are already working on the next industry-leading advancement, with announcements of new software coming later this year – watch this space!

Click here for more information on CTT’s Legacy will writing software and how to access it for yourself.

This article was submitted to be published by CTT Group as part of their advertising agreement with Today’s Wills and Probate. The views expressed in this article are those of the submitter and not those of Today’s Wills and Probate.

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