CTT Group introduces AI avatar for estate planning advisers

CTT Group is now incorporating AI technology to enhance digital marketing for estate planning advisers. The new service allows advisers to create lifelike, computer-generated versions of themselves, aimed at promoting their businesses online.

Caroline Sandiford, a professional estate planner and CTT member, is among the first to utilise this technology. She created an avatar, named ‘Cazatar’, with the assistance of CTT. Sandiford described the process as straightforward and enjoyable, noting that it marks the beginning of digitising her workflow. She anticipates that this will enable her to dedicate more time to face-to-face client interactions. She said:

“I hugely enjoy talking with clients to assist in recommendations towards the correct structure/solution to their individual Estate Planning needs. My Avatar ”Cazatar” and associated digitisation of my offering and procedures in no way replaces that important personal touch, but it does make me much more efficient enabling me to have even more time for the face-to-face client aspect.”

Sandiford plans to use her avatar to elevate her online presence through her website and social media channels, with the goal of attracting new clients.

CTT Group is extending this avatar service to its members, providing customised promotional videos designed to generate referrals and boost revenue. Jonathan Maskew, CTT’s Director of Partnerships, said:

“This industry leading AI avatar twin initiative is driving business growth and we at CTT group are delighted to support Caroline and her route to market.  We believe that clients will be better informed and educated about their roles in a will and empower them to make better decisions.”

One Response

  1. The AI will help to educate very efficiently all those with roles in the legal documents. This education which is really important but not easy to do with current long hand methods but now can be done very efficiently with the press of a button. AI being used to generate business growth.

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