Celebrating Innovation in Estate Planning: CTT Group – Our Headline Sponsor

Celebrating the Industry

Today’s Wills & Probate are thrilled to be bringing you the highly anticipated British Wills & Probate Awards 2023 in October, an evening dedicated to honouring excellence and groundbreaking achievements in the industry.

At the forefront of this year’s celebration stands CTT Group, our esteemed headline sponsor. This partnership stands as a testament to CTT Group’s remarkable impact on the estate planning and financial services industry and their commitment to driving innovation. As they commemorate their 20th anniversary this year, their involvement with the awards takes on monumental significance.

CTT’s Journey to Excellence

CTT’s journey began with the collaboration between founders Bob Massey and Clive Ponder, who recognised the need for comprehensive financial and estate planning services.

“A financial adviser firm, and an estate planning firm was a good partnership to ensure we provide a more holistic service,” explains Bob. This led to the establishment of Countrywide Legal Services in 2003, dedicated to holistic estate planning and asset protection.

Over time, CTT Group’s path has been characterised by unceasing growth and evolution. Commencing with a small team in Kenilworth, their commitment to changing the industry has fuelled the cultivation of new talent within the Group, which now boasts over one hundred staff members across CTT’s various specialisms.

In 2020, CTT Group’s relocation to the grandeur of Gables House in Royal Leamington Spa, coincided with the establishment of CTT Group as a separate business-to-business support mechanism, showcasing their dedication to enhancing accessibility for professionals in the industry. Today, the Group’s unique proposition stems from its diverse team of in-house specialists with expertise spanning law, estate planning, finance, and tax matters, enabling advisers to provide unparalleled service throughout every stage of their clients’ lives.

Trust Innovations

In a move to enhance estate planning services, CTT applied their innovative approach to the matter of trusts, introducing twelve unique trust types that complement the government’s core seven. Their Technical Director, Spencer Tattam, emphasises the collaborative culture driving their innovative solutions, with co-founders Bob and Clive guiding the perfect blend of legal and financial expertise within the team. The result has been a distinct edge in trust development that presents new opportunities for advisers and clients, addressing modern needs and legislative shifts with unparalleled ingenuity.

Digitising the Sector

At the core of CTT’s dedication to pushing boundaries over the past twenty years has been their trailblazing approach to software advancement, notably demonstrated through the introduction of their Legacy Software. This revolutionary digital platform offers a suite of tools designed for document management, drafting, and secure communication. Its impact on the industry is profound, seamlessly bridging the gap between advisers and their clients, streamlining processes, and enhancing communication.

Moreover, CTT Group’s commitment to innovation is exemplified through their development of Adviser Chat. Operating 24/7, this chatbot facility provides immediate responses to frequently asked questions and allows CTT experts to address more intricate inquiries in real-time via the live chat feature. The Group succeeded in accelerating the speed of professional feedback through digitisation, which in turn enhances advisers’ services.

An Exciting Reveal

To mark their remarkable 20-year journey, CTT Group has exciting plans in the pipeline. The Group is set to unveil a brand-new digital innovation during this year’s awards ceremony, promising to redefine how advisers recommend their services to clients. The Group has hinted that the innovation will be a transformative asset for advisers, a completely risk-free and impeccably legally compliant tool.

“It will be unique. I don’t think anybody has seen anything like this in the industry,” comments CTT Director, Andrew Houston.

This novel offering has us eagerly awaiting yet another groundbreaking stride from CTT Group, and we anticipate the reveal of this product at this year’s event, as we honour all accomplishments across the field.

With their unwavering dedication to innovation within the sector, CTT Group emerges as the perfect collaborator to lead the British Wills & Probate Awards. We invite you to join us in October in commemorating all excellence and innovation within the estate planning sector.

You can learn more about our Headline Sponsor and explore CTT Group’s 20 Years of Innovation here.

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