Bishop to denounce euthanasia as contrary to Christian compassion

The Rt Rev Mark Davies, Bishop of Shrewsbury, is set to denounce the efforts of the euthanasia lobby, describing their movement as “sinister” and “deadly.”

He plans to express concern over the manipulation of Christian values like mercy and compassion to advocate for medically assisted suicide.

The bishop’s critical remarks come in the context of growing debates over euthanasia and assisted suicide. He will emphasise that while Christianity has historically promoted care for the vulnerable, euthanasia introduces a “new morality” that diverges from the path illuminated by Christ.

His comments echo amidst recent public discourse on the subject, notably following Dame Esther Rantzen’s candid discussion about her own illness and contemplation of assisted dying. Rantzen, battling stage four lung cancer, questioned, “don’t I have the right to them, too?” when comparing the painless death she could provide her pet versus the suffering of her loved ones.

The debate extends to political arenas with figures like Michael Gove, Mel Stride, and Sir Keir Starmer suggesting a re-evaluation of the 1961 Suicide Act. Meanwhile, voices from Dignitas, a Swiss assisted dying clinic, advocate for the rights of those mentally ill to choose their fate, with team member Silvan Luley stating that the starting point is people are “competent and people have the right to decide about their end of life.”

As the conversation unfolds, the bishop aims to highlight the ethical and spiritual implications of adopting assisted dying practices, advocating for the preservation of life’s sanctity in alignment with Christian doctrine.

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