Creating a Leading Brand in the Legal Sector: A Strategic Guide for Law Firms and Legal Businesses

Establishing a strong brand is not just about being recognised – it’s about being preferred. This means going beyond just offering expert legal advice; it involves embedding your firm’s values into every aspect of your


With 11,500 law firms in the UK differentiation can be a constant challenge. When it come to legal services marketing, law firms in 2024 must adopt innovative marketing strategies to distinguish themselves. Legal Growth, a

Video is judged by over 54% of marketers to be the most effective way of grabbing attention. When we’re scrolling through social media, it’s easy to scroll past content. What we need to do is

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AI, or Artificial Intelligence, is becoming more and more commonplace in the legal industry. It is being used to do things such as create contracts, analyse data, and of course generate content for marketing purposes.

5 marketing trends

Marketing is always changing. Every year, new trends emerge and old ones die off. If you want your business to be successful in 2023, you need to be aware of the latest marketing trends. In

5 tips to help grow communities

Many of us want to grow our business, but not everyone knows how. In this short article Legal Growth will be sharing five tips to help grow communities of people that will deliver business growth.


Marketing is one of those words that doesn’t really provide an accurate definition of what it is and people wrongly confuse advertising and marketing. It might, therefore, be useful to start with a brief definition

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Solicitors, like doctors, are often thought of as the most trusted professionals in their field. This is because of their commitment to their studies (both time and cost) as well as the specialist nature of

I often state the obvious and say it’s pointless posting content on social media to an audience of zero so in this edition of my marketing column for Today’s Wills and Probate I’m sharing some

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As a marketeer, it is my job to help people achieve measurable growth and one of the most common questions I get asked is “how can I make my website work for me?”. I could


As a marketeer, it is my job to help people achieve measurable growth and one of the most common questions I get asked is “how I can get more leads from my website?”. I could