Ageing population reaches record high in Census results

Ageing population reaches record high in Census results

Recently released figures from ONS reveal that one in six people in England and Wales is an OAP.

The latest census results have revealed that the population in England and Wales is continuing to age, with more people than ever before in the older age groups. Over one-sixth (18.6%, 11.1 million) of the population in 2021 were aged 65 years and over, up from 16.4% (9.2 million) in 2011. The size of the population aged 90 years and over (527,900, 0.9% of the population) has increased since 2011, when 429,017, 0.8%, were aged 90 years and over.

The number of young people making up the population has decreased in the last 10 years however. Currently, under-15s make up just 10.37 million, or 17.4%, compared to 10.49 million, or 17.6% in 2011.

Total population levels in England and Wales reached 59.6 million in 2021, an increase of 3.5 million since 2011 and the highest since records began in 1801. When including population numbers in the rest of the UK the total reaches an astonishing 67 million, and is on track to pass 70 million within five years.

Pete Benton, at the ONS, said: “Today’s census statistics paint a rich and detailed snapshot of the nation and how we were living during the pandemic.”

Speaking to the Financial Times Becky Tinsley, deputy director for social statistics at the ONS said: “For the first time ever, we’ve exceeded half a million for the 90-plus population,” adding that in 1921 there were 15,000 people in that age group.

Regionally, the East of England had the biggest regional population rise with 488,000 people or 8.8% and the smallest increase was in the North East, up by just 50,000 or 1.9%.

The number of people aged 90 and over rose to 527,900, up from 429,017 ten years earlier. London had the lowest proportion of over-65s (11.9%), while the South West had the highest (22.3%).

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  • These are interesting statistics, which I think are well known. The adult social care system is simply not fit for purpose, and I would hope that the forthcoming White Paper and it’s objectives are taken seriously and action taken forward to improve the care sector (in real terms, and not just in the political forum). It cannot continue that the care system is squeezed whilst all resources are pumped into healthcare, simply because people know the NHS and how underfunded etc it is. It’s time that the public knew the real cost of care and were better informed to support it for their own futures.

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