A sudden death, a family business, an affair, no will: SFE Conference 2022

A sudden death, a family business, an affair, no will: SFE Conference 2022

The SFE Conference 2022 takes place on 23rd June and this year’s event brings you another day long, in-depth case study to tackle with expert speakers.

This time the challenge will be to unpick the key legal issues for Nina Wright, a 44 year-old widow, who finds herself having to sort out a huge mess.

Nina’s husband, Stuart, died suddenly in a car accident on the M4. A major shareholder in the family business as well as setting up a successful company of his own, together he and Nina had three children. Their oldest child Ben is 25 and has Down’s Syndrome.

During lockdown, Nina discovered her husband was having affair with a woman called Vicky. The marriage was put under strain due to the affair and Nina’s drinking and overspending online. What Nina didn’t know at the time is that the affair had resulted in the birth of secret love child. Stuart began sending child support for his daughter Aurora from a bank account which he had hidden from Nina.

Not only did Nina find out about Stuart’s secret child but it was also revealed he died without having ever made a will. However, the problems don’t end there. Ever since Nina informed the banks of Stuart’s death, they stopped the direct debits from his personal account. Meanwhile, Vicky is claiming a share in the family business for Aurora, and someone has told Nina that she might not inherit the whole of Stuart’s estate as some of it might go to the children.

With Nina’s own children having issues and making demands of her she has nowhere to turn, thankfully a friend has referred her to a local SFE solicitor.

Speaking on the case study, SFE’s CEO, Lakshmi Turner said:

“Last year’s format of an in-depth case study was hugely successful, so it’s back for this year’s conference. It’s a great opportunity for attendees to fully immerse themselves in a complex case and work through it with the help of our fantastic speakers including Caroline Bielanska, Cate Searle, Barbara Rich, and Stuart Barlow”.

For more information on this year’s conference and to book your place now visit SFE National Conference 2022.

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