international women's day 8th march 2023 women in wills meetup

Women in Wills: Details confirmed ahead of International Women’s Day meetup

On Wednesday the 8th of March Women in Wills will be meeting in London to celebrate International Women’s Day (IWD).

This year, the theme of IWD is Embracing Equity – it is important to recognise that individuals have different circumstances, so in order for people to succeed they require a variety of opportunities and resources.

Women in Wills

Looking forward, we must also facilitate diversity within gender. The demands and expectations on women vary person-to-person, underlining the importance of a system that enables success through a variety of avenues.

Following the group’s celebration of IWD and a discussion around Embracing Equity, Constance McDonnell KC will once again appear as a guest speaker.

Constance will be discussing the future of the judicial system, looking at the likely changes that will be implemented within the next 10 years. She will be presenting her thoughts on Judge-led ADR, focusing on how this process of judicial dispute resolution “without prejudice” will provide a time-saving alternative to negotiation, helping to address the backlog in the courts. She will also be discussing the place of technology in relation to will writing, reflecting on what we have learnt from the inclusion of technology as a result of the pandemic.

This in-person event will be a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the achievements of women within the legal sector. If you are interested in joining Women in Wills and attending this event, please complete the registration form.

About Constance McDonnell KC

Constance specialises in trust disputes, contentious probate, 1975 Act claims, and removal of trustees and PRs. She has appeared in a number of highly publicised cases, including Schrader v Schrader (a successful probate claim based on undue influence), Re Smith (concerning capacity to make a lifetime gift), Gestrust v 16 Defendants (a trust dispute), and Reeves v Drew (a probate dispute about the £100m estate of an illiterate testator). In 2016-17 she was Junior Counsel for the Respondent in the landmark 1975 Act case of Ilott v The Blue Cross in the UK Supreme Court. Constance acted for the successful respondent in the important case of Hirachand v Hirachand, in which the Court of Appeal determined in October 2021 that a CFA success fee can be recoverable as part of an award under the 1975 Act. An appeal to the Supreme Court is pending. Constance also has an international practice, and in 2022 appeared twice in the Bermuda Court of Appeal.

Prior to taking Silk in 2019, Constance won the Chancery Junior of the Year award at the 2018 Chambers Bar Awards, and was recommended as a Star Individual in Chambers UK Bar Guide 2019 and High Net Worth Guide 2018.

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