WillSuite adds CPD logs to the system

First things first, what is CPD?

CPD or Continuing Professional Development, is the practice of logging or recording reflections, training, and learning. Logging your CPD has several benefits, including keeping track of your skill progress, training for future positions and strengthening confidence. For solicitors, lawyers and estate planners, logging professional development can be crucial and even sometimes a mandatory part of the job.

For your ease of use and to keep all your data in one place, WillSuite has recently added CPD Logs to the system. This can be located in the user settings tab at the top right of your WillSuite page.

Here, you’re able to fill out the subject area, method of learning, whether it’s structured or unstructured training, how many hours spent, and the date. Once you’ve inputted the details of your learning/training, you’re able to upload evidence, reflections, or a certificate.

Many regulatory bodies require members to have ongoing professional development, as laws and regulations change, adaptive learning is a requisite. Even if CPD logs are not applicable to yourself today, utilising this service may help you save time in the future and even open up new opportunities.

For employees, logging CPD is a fantastic way to evidence upskilling and to set yourself apart. For employers, it’s a great way to increase workplace confidence as well as help employees learn from experiences.

With this new addition to the system, logging your professional development through WillSuite is simple, accessible, and may also be exported to a CSV file at any time.

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