Why switch to cloud-based legal practice management software?

Why switch to cloud-based legal practice management software?

The pandemic profoundly impacted the way wills and probate practitioners work. Face-to-face client meetings were replaced by video calls, office chats happened on messaging services instead of at the watercooler, and work took place at the kitchen table rather than the boardroom. What’s the common thread in all these scenarios? Cloud-based software.

Cloud-based software can be a huge benefit to law firms of all sizes. Yet, some firms are still hesitant about moving away from a managed IT solution or switching from a server to a cloud-based solution. If you’re thinking about switching to a cloud-based solution but uncertain if it’s the right choice for your firm, here are some benefits to keep in mind.


Switching to a cloud-based system over a managed service can help law firm staff to work more efficiently and with a greater work-life balance.

Working at a firm that uses on-premises servers often means staff can only work from one physical location. However, with cloud-based practice management software, staff can securely access systems through a secure web browser or a dedicated app as nothing is stored on local computers or hard drives. That means everyone at your firm can access what they need from any laptop or phone wherever they are: at the office, at home, when commuting, or at court.


Security is paramount for cloud-based legal software providers, meaning systems are constantly being monitored for potential vulnerabilities, while code is reviewed and updated accordingly to ensure that software is always up to date. Advanced security features ensure that suspicious activity is consistently monitored. For example, Clio logs every IP address and relies on multi-factor authentication to help keep its systems safe.

Costs & convenience

The overall cost of on-premises technology adds up—the servers themselves, office floor space, electricity, IT support, and maintenance. Conversely, cloud-based software doesn’t require any of the costs associated with having a physical server. Additionally, as on-premises servers are in a physical location, uptime can be inconsistent and at risk of damage by flooding, power outages, and fire: costly if needed to be fixed in an emergency.

Finally, with cloud-based practice management software for law firms, varying levels of support are usually available free or at an additional cost. At Clio, we offer 24/5, award-winning support to all our customers via live phone, in-app chat, or e-mail at no additional cost.

For over a decade, Clio has been the global leader in fully cloud-based legal software. To see how Clio’s cloud-based solutions can work for your firm, schedule a free demonstration.

Or, read more about the benefits of cloud-based practice management solutions vs. on-premise or managed solutions in this article on the Clio UK website.

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