Who are Property Solutions Group?

Who are Property Solutions Group?

We offer end-to-end, practical property solutions that enable legal professionals to support their clients professionally and financially. There are so many tasks that come up due to the passing of the owner or to acquire funds for specialist care, and they are usually time consuming and frustrating to deal with.

That’s where we come in. We take on literally any job that is getting in the way of completing the legal process – from low-cost insurance, selling the property with zero fees, maintenance requirements, house clearing – even valuing and rehoming a pond of koi carp! You name it, we can take care of it.

What we pride ourselves on most though is the way we do business.

We build relationships with our customers. Everybody at PSG is friendly, reliable and passionate about enabling you to give the best customer experience possible.

Here are some of the people behind the PSG service who you are likely to meet on the night!

Barry Mattock – Group Managing Director

“I love a challenge and I also enjoy guiding my team to develop, grow and innovate within the business.”

Barry has many years of experience and a passion for providing property solutions to non-traditional markets. He loves building effective, customer-centric teams. As a dog lover, his three four-legged companions are usually to be found hanging out at HQ. He is also dad and a grandad.

Michael Edwards – Group Business Director

“I’m a firm believer in ‘doing what you say you’re going to do’ and I love it when customers realise that there is someone out there that can solve those frustrating problems that they don’t know where to start with.”

Michael also has a long career in the property world and has worked for Barry for eight years. He is the front end of the PSG machine and loves getting involved in all the day-to-day requirements, whether they be unusual or mundane!

Kirsty Gooch – Group Director

“I am focused on keeping PSG as efficient and effective as possible so that we can pass that on to our customers who can in turn offer the best possible service to their clients.”

Kirsty is the operational brain behind PSG who makes sure that everything runs like clockwork. She has worked with Barry for 11 years and is a mum to three boys and Bella the German Shorthaired Pointer – who also likes to hang out at HQ with Barry’s canine rabble!

Why are we sponsoring the awards?

The British Wills & Probate Awards are basically the Oscars of our industry, so we are excited to be sponsoring this event for the second year running.

As suppliers to the industry, we know how much everyone continues to innovate and identify ways to raise the bar on customer experience. This event is a wonderful way to forge better relationships and celebrate all of the fantastic contributions from people across the Wills and Probate world.

See you on the dance floor!

Property Solutions Group