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What clients want…

The first Today’s Wills and Probate podcast on 2024, and the start of series 3, explores the perennial question on the minds and lips of most businesses… what do clients really want?

A report from Law Firm Marketing Club does just that. Now in it’s 4th year, “What Clients Want” is an extensive piece of research which asks consumers of legal services what they want from their law firm; from first introduction through to matter completion.

With 4 years’ worth of data behind them, the report is now able to start tracking consumer expectations and trends over time. Once of the really interesting elements of the report is the breakdown by demographic of respondents and the changing expectations of consumers of legal services.

Client care and return business feature strongly in the report. 53% of respondents have used a law firm more than once but of those, a staggering 41% have not returned to the firm they’d used previously, but had moved to use a different firm. Read into that what you want but it’s one of many statistics Clare shares in the course of the discussion.

The report delves in to the experience of using a law firm and in particular first impressions and onboarding. It is interesting to note that the way in which consumers select firms is changing, with a focus on sustainability and ESG higher on younger people’s agenda.

There are plenty of lessons for firms as Clare shares details of responses to the extensive survey. The report is sponsored by Moneypenny and available via the Law Firm Marketing Club website

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