The Power of Support: A hub for Lasting Powers of Attorney education and community connection

The Power of Support is an innovative new knowledge and community hub aimed at individuals who haven’t taken any legal advice when preparing Lasting Powers of Attorney (“LPAs”). Whilst the hub does not provide specific legal advice, it is packed full of helpful information and resources in a bid to educate the public as to when and why they may need to get additional professional support.

The Power of Support is created and maintained by Circe Law, run by CEO Jade Gani TEP. Gani has noticed an increased demand for expert legal advice from Attorneys after something went wrong; often involving an investigation by the Office of the Public Guardian (“OPG”). This perhaps correlates to the rise in LPAs being registered, with over one million registered in 2023 alone.

Gani noted that her Clients were all good people who had made honest mistakes because they thought Power of Attorney matters were more straightforward than they turned out to be. A common thread she noticed between Clients was that they made the documents themselves, believing it to be a simple process, so they could save some money.

According to the OPG, 60% of potential LPA customers shared misconceptions about LPAs and there are currently over 58,000 cases under supervision. With a growing ageing population, increased public awareness of LPAs, and the process becoming digitised, it is likely these demand for LPAs, and the need for supervision, will continue to increase.

The Power of Support is split into two key areas: the knowledge hub; and the community hub. The knowledge area contains:-

  1. Helpful Factsheets;
  2. Quick 60 Second Videos from Experts on Key Topics;
  3. ‘How-to-Guides’ to help with general administration;
  4. Helpful links to support from 3rd parties
  5. Key Terms and what they mean
  6. Latest news articles & events
  7. Blogs & specialist expert guest articles
  8. Template letters and documents you might need
  9. Keep up to date with latest changes and laws

But the creators the Power of Support also have a deep appreciation for how isolating and overwhelming facing ill-health or supporting someone through ill-health can be. That’s why they also developed a community aspect to the hub which allows members to:-

  1. Share their stories with other members
  2. Explore FAQs and ‘Ask an Expert’ features
  3. Get information on regional groups and events
  4. Get support from those who understand what they might be going through
  5. View a ‘Trusted 3rd Party’ Directory
  6. Find out more about 3rd party services & support
  7. Make friends, personalise their homepage and direct message each other
  8. Have a say on what information, services and support the hub provides
  9. Have access to exclusive offers and discounts from trusted Directory companies and services.

The Power of Support is a real one-stop-shop for Donors and Attorneys alike, brining an entire community together. At a low monthly subscription fee, support is now affordable to all those who need it.

It is also a great opportunity to connect a very specific group of individuals, with similar needs, to companies and services that might be useful to them. The Directory includes all kinds of businesses supporting older or vulnerable people, such a financial advisors, solicitors, clearance companies, therapists, charities, estate agents, carers and more.

If you are a business that support Donors and/or Attorneys and would like to know more about joining the Trusted 3rd Party Directory, you can contact the team on:

If you would like to know more about the Power of Support, visit their website:

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