Today's Wills and Probate Podcast

The personal story of improving the probate process

In this latest Today’s Wills and Probate Podcast host David Opie is joined by Exizent co-Founder Aleks Tomczyk.

In 2018-19 Aleks and Nick Cousins, his fellow co-Founder of what was to become Exizent, went through their own bereavement journeys and found the whole process frustrating. They also had friends of theirs in similar situations, sparking the idea for launching the business.

Indeed, one of the unexpected consequences of launching the business and sharing their experience is that many of the team have been attracted to working for Exizent because of their own experiences going through bereavement and probate. “It really speaks to our purpose,” says Aleks, “of making the probate process easier to navigate.”

The ultimate vision for Exizent is to improve the administration of the probate process and connect the 3 key stakeholders together, reducing time and improving accuracy

  1. individuals who have lost family members and beneficiaries
  2. legal service and financial services professionals who support the first group
  3. institutions – anyone with information about the estate

In the discussion Aleks shares details of the work being done by the team and is heartened to see legal services more actively looking at innovation and technology adoption. As an “API-first” organisation Aleks touches on the way Exizent is working on partnering with other organisations to create less friction in the probate process.

Aleks finishes with an impassioned plea to the community to work together to improve the experience for those who go through probate and which in turn will improve the lives of practitioners and institutions.

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