• November 28, 2023
 The Finders International Story

Today’s Wills and Probate Podcast

The Finders International Story

In this first Today’s Wills and Probate podcast of 2023 host David Opie is joined by founder of Finders International, Danny Curran.

In 2022 Finders International celebrated its 25th Anniversary and in this podcast Danny discusses the challenges of running a business that has seen so much change since 1997, the changing face of genealogy services and what he thinks the future holds.

The world is a much smaller place as a result of social media and the internet and has had a monumental impact on the way genealogical searches are conducted.  Societal change has also had an impact . Falling marriage rates, cohabitation, blended families all impact the way genealogists go about doing their job in 2023.

He shares anecdotes of situations where verifying family trees has resulted in establishing beneficiaries in far flung places and ensuring estates are properly distributed.

Danny also discusses his experience of being involved in the long-running BBC programme Heir Hunters which introduced genealogy and genealogy services to a new audience.

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