• April 23, 2024
 Ten months of solving customer problems

Ten months of solving customer problems

It’s just ten months since Tower Street Finance received authorisation from the FCA for its first product, Inheritance Advance. Then hot on its heels Inheritance Tax Loan launched in November.

Both products are unique and were designed to help beneficiaries and executors access their inheritance sooner in a risk-free way.

And we can exclusively reveal to Today’s Wills and Probate that a third product will be hitting the market in the next few months – so watch this space!

Dicky Davies business development director of Tower Street Finance says:

“It’s been quite a start for our business! The entire time we’ve been operating there’s been some form of lockdown in place, but because of the timings, this is our ‘business as usual’ and we’ve been able to help customers solve all sorts of problems with our products.

“In that time we’ve also signed up more than 50 referral partners who are talking to their customers about how our products can help make their lives that bit easier at a difficult time.”

How Tower Street Finance has helped solve some of the most challenging customer problems over the last 10 months:

Customer case study: Surprise inheritance = surprise tax bill

Customer case study: When beneficiaries can’t agree

Customer case study: Brother followers in sister’s Inheritance Advance footsteps

Customer case study: Beneficiary over-extends and under-estimates

Dicky adds:

“Business is going well with a current monthly run rate of around £1.5m and an ever-growing pipeline.

“During the pandemic Inheritance Advance and IHT Loan have been a lifeline for many. As we all know, probate is a notoriously lengthy process anyway, but Covid-19 and the Probate office automation changes have caused bigger delays which in turn has created a greater need for our products.”

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