STEP Congress: 60-second interview with Tony Pitcher

STEP Congress: 60-second interview with Tony Pitcher

We asked Tony Pitcher TEP what he is looking forward to about this year’s STEP Congress.

What’s the best thing about Congress?

The people. For Congress, we have a great range of exciting speakers, with over 20 different jurisdictions represented and almost double that number of jurisdictions represented by attendees. That we are able to appeal to that many different countries and cultures shows just how global STEP truly is.

What differentiates Congress from other events?

Congress is different because it looks to the future, not just of the industry but also at the environment that all of us, and the practitioners who’ll come after us, will operate in. That’s what differentiates practitioners who are merely good from those that are great.

What was the main aim of the programming panel when putting the agenda together for this year’s Congress?

2022 represents the third version of the Congress agenda that the programming panel have put together. Sadly, due to COVID, we couldn’t hold Congress in 2020 and 2021.

We have seen an evolution over those iterations, which reflect the transformation and dislocation in the environment we are in. When we put together the first programme, disruption was a main theme. That seemed a bit too prescient once COVID happened and now with a war in Europe.

In the last couple of years, we have seen the launch of STEP’s five Thought Leadership strands of Trusts: Mental Capacity; Digital Assets; the Responsible Stewardship of Wealth and Modern Families. Each strand is represented at this year’s Congress. This highlights the range of our members’ expertise and how this is an exciting time for our organisation.

Congress has been postponed for long enough. What are you most excited about now that it is returning?

Congress being an in person event. You can’t beat being around old colleagues and friends, with the opportunities for making new ones, that such an event brings. In addition, having the opportunity to hear our expert speakers with an audience is also exciting, giving it that feeling of a community that many of us will have missed. The content of the agenda is also something to look forward to. Having met with many of our speakers and panellists through the course of putting the programme together, it’s going to be a fascinating couple of days.

What do you want attendees to take away from Congress?

I hope attendees leave with a feeling of pride that they are STEP members. Our work on thought leadership will contribute massively to helping us achieve our vision to be globally recognised as setting the standard for those advising families across generations. This in turn will help us inspire confidence in families working with STEP members to planning their succession. If we can do that, and inspire the attendees to share this messaging with their branches and other colleagues, Congress will have been an undoubted success.

What would you say to someone who has not yet decided if they are coming to Congress?

Come along and get involved, either at the networking sessions or by asking the speakers and panellists questions. You will be contributing to the diversity of the occasion and the future of the industry, one in which we all have an interest.

What’s the best thing about being a STEP member?

I have enjoyed so much of my journey with STEP and worked alongside so many great people. From the Jersey Committee, through to Council and the Board, plus all the work on Public Policy and SIGs, I have met people who I am happy to call friends.

The more you put in the more you get out. I have put in a lot, and I have got out a lot. I have also seen others do the same and have a lot of fun together as well.

Is there anything else you’d like to say about Congress, STEP or our thought leadership priorities?

2022 STEP Global Congress has some great speakers and events planned, it’s been such a pleasure to be involved. My thanks again to all who’ve helped put the event together. It won’t be the end of the story. By coming along, attendees can help us decide what direction our thought leadership threads should take, and by extension where STEP and the industry should be headed.

To find out more about Global Congress, which takes place in London from 7-8 July 2022, visit:

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