SFE rebrands as The Association of Lifetime Lawyers

SFE (Solicitors for the Elderly) has announced that it will change its name to The Association of Lifetime Lawyers in an effort to better highlight the support offered to the public by its members.

Founded in 1996, SFE has grown to be a national organisation of legal professionals from across the UK. Its lawyers advise on a range of areas including wills, LPAs, care fees, inheritance tax planning, and more.

Over the last twelve months, the organisation has undertaken a review gathering the views of internal and external stakeholders.

Association of Lifetime Lawyers
The logo of The Association of Lifetime Lawyers

“SFE is 27 years old. Whilst our mission and the commitment of our members has stayed the same, a lot has also changed since then,” explained Lakshmi Turner, Chief Executive of SFE:

“We needed to think about our name and the way we describe ourselves so the people who need our members most, know we’re here. It’s time for SFE to enter a new stage of its lifetime.

Moving to The Association of Lifetime Lawyers acknowledges that our members are the most qualified lawyers in the country when it comes to supporting clients throughout their lifetime, however complicated their circumstances are.

And of course, it’s often those times in life when we’re most vulnerable and when things are most complex, that we need to seek legal advice.”

SFE will begin changing to The Association of Lifetime Lawyers from September 2023.

“Our mission to protect the most vulnerable with effective legal services and tailored advice remains vital,” added Michael Culver, Chair of SFE and Managing Director of Culver Law:

“We’re a movement for change, as well as a membership organisation. This change helps us continue serving our members in the best possible way in the future – supporting them at each stage of their professional life.

Banks, Building Societies & Grants of Probate
The logo of SFE prior to their rebrand

We’re very proud of our tight-knit community of lawyers who work closely together and offer an unmatched level of support for clients. Now is an excellent time for this pivotal change to continue driving up the standards of legal advice for people at all stages of their lifetime, for many years to come.

The shift will see us focus more on vulnerability, because we’ve all been vulnerable at one point in our lives. We’ll continue to campaign on key issues, support and build our special community of lawyers, and ultimately, help more of the people who need us. I couldn’t be more excited for this next chapter”.

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