Second Reading for Assisted Dying Bill in Isle of Man

The Assisted Dying Bill (a private members’ bill) is having its seconding reading in the House of Keys today. These proposed new laws would provide terminally-ill Isle of Man residents (with less than six months left to live) with the right to choose to end their lives.

If the Assisted Dying Bill is to pass its second reading today, then a bid will be made to have a committee consider its clauses. As is with this topic, both the views of the public and that of medical professionals have been divided. A survey by the Isle of Man Medical Society revealed that 3/4 of respondents rejected the Bill.

Given the polarised views, Dr Alex Allinson (who promoted the Assisted Dying Bill) has since said that legislation could be drafted which would allow an opt-in system for doctors, so there would be no obligation to undertake an assisted death.

You can read the Assisted Dying Bill here.

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