Rules of Intestacy ‘not aligned’ with modern family dynamics

The rules of intestacy loom over any intestate matter and are even applicable where a valid will is in place but does not deal with all of the deceased’s estate.

The rules will celebrate their 100th birthday next year and are thus not that aligned with the more modern family dynamics that we see today, such as cohabitation and “blended families”. In addition, whilst fully adopted children are recognised, foster children and stepchildren are not.

Perhaps most infamously, couples living together who are not married or in a civil partnership – often referred to as “Common law spouses” – are not recognised by the rules. It’s worth noting here that the cohabiting couple is the fastest-growing living arrangement in England and Wales.

It is perhaps then important to remember that these rules were created in a very different time and our blog discusses some of the historical context behind them – the article can be found here.

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