Regional roadshows to showcase Lawtech innovation

A series of regional roadshows are coming later this month to showcase new technology in legal services. Starting in Swansea on 20th May, the events will move around country to Southampton, Oxford, Cambridge, Nottingham, Sheffield, Leeds; finishing in Newcastle on Thursday 23rd May. 

The series has been launched by LawtechUK, which is delivered by legaltech incubator CodeBase and legal events business Legal Geek, and is ‘designed to foster the adoption of law technology across the United Kingdom, with a commitment to inspiring and engaging audiences nationwide; says organisers.

CodeBase and Legal Geek were chosen to deliver the next phase of LawtechUK as part of Ministry of Justice (MoJ) efforts to modernise and keep the legal sector competitive on the world stage. LawtechUK received £4m in 2022 and a further £3m in 2023 when CodeBase and Legal Geek took on the project from Tech Nation.

The tour will enable legal technology platforms to provide product demonstrations directly to attendees; with the opportunity to engage directly with the technology through one-on-one demonstrations and interactive sessions.

“The LawtechUK Tour 2024 is proof of  our commitment to fostering innovation within the legal industry. By bringing these technologies to regions across the UK, we are not only supporting the growth of lawtech but also ensuring that the benefits of these advancements are shared widely, contributing to the overall efficiency and effectiveness of our legal system”

says Beth Fellner of LawtechUK.

“Our roots lie in Swansea which we find a great city for graduate talent and easy connection to transport, we are really looking forward to the LawTechUK roadshow coming to Swansea to shine any even brighter light on the innovation around the country. From Swansea Hoowla’s cloud-based case management system is enabling many law firms across the country to level up in their digital usage. This tour will only further the access to technology for many law firms across the UK.”

adds Adam Curtis, Hoowla Managing Director who will join firms including Legalito, Thomson Reuters and Clio on the tour.

LawtechUK is inviting law firms, legal professionals, and technology enthusiasts to participate in the event which aims to ‘demystify technology for smaller law firms, enabling them to overcome adoption barriers and harness innovation to enhance their services.’ For more information, tour dates, and registration details, visit:

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