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DUAL Asset can provide insurance solutions to help solicitors and professionals distribute difficult estates. This cover provides protection against legal pitfalls and uncertainties, which allows the distribution of an estate to move forward quickly and safely. DUAL Asset have created tailored and innovative solutions to address even the most contentious cases.

DUAL Asset’s Executor & Inheritance policies protect the personal representatives, beneficiaries and their legal representatives and pay claims made against them, which in a worst case scenario, could mean paying out the whole value of the estate again to an aggrieved party. The policy will also pay defence costs for those cases which need defending, as well as legal costs incurred. This is without recourse to innocent beneficiaries, who have already inherited, and their legal representatives.

Executor and Inheritance insurance is not a direct alternative to PI insurance – but this is an area of law where potentially a lawyer can be deemed as “negligent”, not by intent, but because of the complexities involved in dealing with an estate. In the case of a claim, the solicitor’s liability may move from the PI provider to an Executor and Inheritance policy.

What is Executor & Inheritance Insurance?

  • Insurance to help the distribution of an estate move forward, without the need to go to court or reserve part or all of the estate. This avoids the need for a costly and lengthy legal process.
  • Insurance protects Executors, Administrators and beneficiaries in perpetuity and their legal advisors.
  • Compliments good legal services, not replaces them (cover can only be considered where a professional is involved in administering the estate). Generally used where a lawyer has done everything possible, but a problem still prevents the estate administration.

What can it cover?

DUAL Asset provide a range of covers for specific known risks such as missing beneficiaries, missing will, Inheritance Act 1975 (early distribution,) challenges to the will, historic tax risks, among many more.

DUAL Asset can also provide a comprehensive policy which is used as precautionary “wrapper” cover where there are no specific concerns or issues but complete peace of mind is sought. Policy covers claims/challenges such as an unknown will or later dated will appears, charity exerts a claim, ID Fraud, amongst 12 risks.

DUAL Asset can insure estates in the UK, Ireland and the rest of the EEA.

For more information and detail on how our insurance solutions can help you, please visit here (https://dualasset.my-legal-indemnity-shop.com/dual-asset-executor-inheritance-products-0) or contact DUAL Asset’s Executor & Inheritance Manager, Kate Thorp -  [email protected] +44  7519 129136

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